New Additions: Class of 2018 senior gifts have arrived to the school

Sami Ruud, Editor-In-Chief

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On Saturday, the long-awaited class of 2018 senior gifts arrived to the school. First, a seven-foot tall flaming “H” logo was added to the announcement board at the front of the school, and second, three benches shaped like cheese wedges arrived that will be placed under the arch.

“We wanted to give a gift that would leave a legacy,” Ivory Wright, the class of 2018 executive board advisor, said. “Something that would be there long after [the students] leave, something that was unique.”

The fundraisers for the benches and the large logo started in 2016, when the members of the board were sophomores. They put on an annual event called ‘Spooktacular,’ which was a haunted house in the halls of Huron. They also put on several dances and other events to raise even more money.

“It was something that was just an idea,” Wright said. “And the kids stayed committed and followed it through for three years. To get a group of 75 students to believe and want for it to happen was amazing.”

Solar panels will be added within the next week to the flaming “H” logo that will allow the flames to light up at night, according to Wright. Also, the names of each member of the 2018 executive board are engraved on the back of the sign.