Huron men’s polo pulls away with last minute win over the Pioneers

Kade Cupp

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Tension was in the air in the Ratatorium. A cross-town showdown was about to occur between the Pioneer Pioneers and the Huron River Rats. 

“It’s always a close game,” senior Edwin Barnett said. “The past few years between us and Pioneer have been high intense games that have ended in close scores. CTN sports was there commentating the game, along with cameras being there for it to be on TV, it was an energetic match that had nerves everywhere.”

It was a back and forth game. With 1:25 remaining in the second half, the score was 9-8 with Huron in the lead. A quick score by Pioneer forced the game to be tied, threatening the game to go into a shootout with the momentum on Pioneer’s side. But Barnett had other ideas.

On what would be the last River Rat possession of the game, the boys swam down to the other end of the pool. Barnett had the ball in hand his hand.

With nine seconds left in the game, he threw the ball.

“It hit the water, then it bounced and hit the post,” senior Nick Kaipainen said. “The ball went to the other side of the cage. We sat there in a moment of suspense, then the ref called it. He scored.”

The victory was sealed for the River Rats when junior Russell Endicott blocked a shot at the end of the game.s

“It felt good to be able to deliver for my team,” Barnett said.