The Return of the Morning Announcements

Sami Ruud, Staff Editor

After over a year and constant advocating from teachers and students, a long-awaited change has been made to the Huron High School school day. Morning announcements are officially returning every day from 7:35 to 7:40 in the morning starting Monday, April 8, and will be read by students in journalism classes and student council.

Sara Badalamente, the journalism teacher at Huron, played a large role in the return of the announcements. She started the process by sending a message to the faculty committee to have them restarted.

“At first it was turned down,” Badalamente said, “but when I introduced my idea that it would not interrupt class time, my voice was heard.”

The announcements had been during the first five minutes of third hour, Monday through Friday, until the 2017-2018 school year. They were removed because there were many complaints from third hour teachers that it was taking too much time out of class for learning.

“After I told [administration] that I would be in charge of [announcements] and that my advanced classes, along with student council would do the announcements in the morning before school, they discussed it at their administration meeting,” Badalamente said. “About a month later I spoke with Dr. Schwamb and she said we could do it from 7:35-7:40 each morning.”

Badalamente then proceeded to make a sign-up genius for her students to sign up to read the morning announcements each morning so administration can identify who is in charge of reading the announcements each morning. Junior Alexa Lyon is in Badalamente’s Advanced Journalism class decided to sign up to read the morning announcements.

“I signed up because I think it is important for students to know what’s going on in the school,”  Lyon said. “I feel like I haven’t known much about the events in our school since they stopped after my freshman year.”

All of the content of the announcements is coming from the daily bulletin that is posted on PowerSchool every day, so it is all pre-approved. However, any teacher in the building is able to submit announcements to be approved, so if clubs, sports, or other activities want an important event to be announced, it is recommended that they find a teacher to submit the announcement.

If you don’t arrive to school early enough to hear the announcements, check the bulletin section of PowerSchool to hear what you missed.

“This a great, exciting time for Huron High School to have their morning announcements back,” Badalamente said.