Athletic Lobby Lot Towing


George White

The first car to be towed

George White, Staff Writer

Students ran out of class in a rush this morning as cars parked in the athletic lobby lot started getting towed due to parking violations.

“He just missed me, he was hooking up the car next to mine,” senior Kyle Huehn said.

Junior Alexa Lyon rushing into her car at 9:05 Monday morning. Photo by George White.

“I never park [in the athletic lobby lot], just because people have gotten towed before,” junior Alexa Lyon said. “I usually just park in the junior lot, but this morning I was really late. Nobody else has gotten towed in awhile so I thought it might be okay.”

Students are given warnings to avoid parking in designated teacher areas in the parking policy sheet given out to students who purchase parking passes. There is a sign marking the athletic lobby lot as a teacher parking area: “Parking in staff or reserved spaces, handicapped, fire or driving lanes, or on the grass will result in ticketing/towing.”

Although at least one car has been towed this morning, there were numerous warning slips from administration placed on the windshields of other cars parked within the lot.

“I thought they would put just a little sticker on your car giving a warning, but I actually saw my friends car hooked up to the tow truck which is kinda crazy,” Lyon said. “It was actually really close to my car, and I am glad I got out in time.”

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