Meet Huron’s Newest Staff Member

Kade Cupp, Staff Writer

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With a passion for kids Antoin Mac fits in just fine into Huron’s staff.

With Mr Eric Nolan retiring, it prompted the hiring of a new community assistant Mr Antoin Mac. Mac specializes as a behavior interventionist, perfect for his new job. He also hopes to help out in some of Huron’s sports, he would bring a ton of first hand experience with five years of experience coaching junior college football and 5 years coaching football at Ypsilanti Community High School. Calling Mac well informed would be very true considering his interests, with his dream car being a Corvette Stingray. Mac’s music interests include Young Jeezy, Tee Grizzley, and Miguel, who he calls “the king of r&b.” Lastly, with his favorite color being “green for money,” it is evident how cool the newest members personality is and how easy he is to talk to, which is exactly what Huron needs and what a community assistant should be like.