Senior Sunday: Jasmine Neva

Gina Ko, Feature Editor

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what hobbies/sports you do.

A: I am a hard worker and I like cooking and running.


Q: What is one class/club you would recommend to underclassmen? Why?

A: I would recommend cooking class because you will learn new things such as new recipe and calculation for measurement.


Q: How does it feel to be so close to graduating? 

A: I’m kind of nervous but excited.


Q: Ten years from now, what is one high school memory you will still remember?

A: Probably taking cooking class and events.


Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to your freshman self?

A: Do not stress as much because at the end all the work you put in paid off. Also, patience is the key to a successful person.


Q: What will you miss most about high school?

A: The relationship I had with teachers.


Q: What are your plans for next year?

A: Going to college and graduating.