Nothing rewarding comes without challenge: new volleyball coach India Woods

Quinn Newhouse, Sports Editor

Nothing rewarding comes without challenge. Every competitor whether athletic or not will tell you the same thing. For new volleyball coach India Woods, she knows challenge all too well.

“A challenge I would say that I have faced is not being able to move at the pace that I want,” said Woods. “Being that this team is young and majority of them have not played on Varsity before it takes a great deal of adjustment to be able to play at the pace of a varsity game”.

Even before the season, Woods faced a common challenge many coaches face: simple inexperience.

The journey before the season was a bit of an obstacle, the program graduated 12 seniors from the volleyball team last year,” stated Woods. “The team has bonded rather quickly which is something any coach would be happy to see”.

Despite the inexperience, Woods still holds her team to expectation:

“My goals for the team are growth and adaptation… Being that this team is very young and the majority of the team did not play together in the same capacity last year, my main goal is to teach new skills and to see how they are able to adapt to change,” said Woods.

Through every disadvantage, Coach Woods still has full belief in her team.

“I believe that this group of girls are up for the challenge and I am excited to see how the rest of the season goes!”