Clague’s music program begins the year with a bang

Satvika Ramanathan, Cougar Star Editor

The audience was full. Vibrant colors flashed on the choir. Lights were shining on the stage. 

On Jan. 23, the sixth graders at Clague had their very first Band, Orchestra, and Choir concert in the Clague Auditorium. About 750 people attended the concert. The students worked very hard and put a lot of time and effort into getting the sounds to sound perfect.

“We had to do a lot of practicing at home and a lot of hard work in the classroom,” sixth-grader Alexandra Hannah said. “We worked very hard, but it actually didn’t feel too overwhelming.”

There was also a variety in the pieces that they played. 

“I liked how the songs had jazzy tunes,” sixth-grader Kate Huntzicker said. “My favorite song that the choir sang was Galop, a song that had a catchy beat and fun melody.”