Fresh Faces in Yearbook

Davis Malmer, Staff Writer

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With deadline one quickly approaching the yearbook team has been working hard to make sure that they continue to produce high-quality yearbooks as they have in years past. Senior editor Vivian Barrett is currently making sure that all of the necessary pages are ready for their first deadline.

“We’re working on finishing deadline one,” Barret said. “The fall sports and a few other pages are due today.”

The yearbook’s other senior editor, Anna Boerst, has also been making sure that the staff has the necessary equipment to complete their work as well as offering any help needed by the yearbook’s new members.

“One thing that I do is organize all of the cameras and make sure they have batteries,” Boerst said. “As an editor, I do a lot of advising and helping new members of yearbook with their assignments.”

There are many new members this year and the senior editors are very happy with the impact that having a larger staff will have on the yearbook.

“This year is different because there are a lot of new people on the staff,” Barrett said.

For Boerst, this addition of new staff members opens up many new opportunities for unique ideas in this year’s yearbook.

“I’m excited to have new people who have new skills and new ideas so we can incorporate them in the yearbook and make an accurate representation of the school,” Boerst said.

The yearbook team will continue working their hardest to meet the high standards that they have set for themselves through the leadership of their senior editors and the fresh ideas from the new team members.