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Huron’s New Art Club Mural!

Julie Heng, Staff Editor

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All who walk in through Huron’s Main Entrance will now see a new mural, a collaborative project courtesy of Huron’s Art Club. The mural, centered around the idea of the IB learner profile, features silhouettes of students that represent characteristics like “Thinker,” “Risk-Taker,” and “Communicator.”

The idea was generated by Art Club students and art department staff. Design began in late February, and painting, which took 15-20 hours, was completed in late April.

“The inspiration for the mural came from the idea that Huron is a diverse community of learners, and we tried to represent this by creating a very colorful and eye catching mural,” junior Kayleigh Manchester said. “Even though we were tasked to specifically honor the IB program, we also wanted to honor the students themselves by showing different personalities in the figures, while making them ambiguous and relatable…I love it because it’s very welcoming to the people who are coming into the main doors for the first time and lets them know that we are a school that supports artists.”

While art teacher Andrew Sigworth said “there are no plans for more public art projects in the school” at this moment, many art club students have ideas for beautification and personal projects at school and home.

Junior Lucy Batsaikhan is currently working on another mural independently for her physics teacher, Mr. Cain. “For the future, I’m going to do more commissions and hopefully sell prints on Etsy.”

Junior Cyndi Edelman, whose favorite mediums of art are ceramics and painting, is “working on a painting at home of an inspirational quote to hang in my room” as a side project.

Freshman Trenton Brann said he “would love to do a mural in the Dome Gym to reflect Huron” in the future.

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