Sophomore Saturday: Ozan Uyulur

Vish Gondesi, Sports Editor

Q: What’s changed for you personally with the stay at home order?

A: “I have a routine at home every day that I follow. I do my school work, study deeper into other topics, play video games, watch movies, and workout. However, it is the same doings every day and it gets really boring. I try to go outside and play basketball or go on a run in my neighborhood occasionally.”


Q: How has your training for baseball been as of late? Where are you looking to grow as a player and teammate?

A: “My training really hasn’t stopped. I am working out at home and getting better every day. I hope to play baseball in college and I have to work hard to get there. I’m growing to be a good teammate also, helping others out and in general, being positive and helping everyone out.”


Q: How has your experience changed from freshman to sophomore year?

A: “Nothing really has changed. I got more used to the school and the students. I’ve got to meet more teachers and staff. My experience is getting better.”


Q: Do you have any ideas about what you are interested in after high school?

A: “After high school, I want to play baseball in college at the University of Michigan. I hope to either go the medical or engineering school route.”


Q: If you had a superpower for one day what would it be and how would you use it?

A: “If I had a superpower, I would want to be immortal because I’d like to see how the world works and operates after many generations and see if the world really is going to end soon.”