Green Team improves Huron one step at a time

Kaitlyn Sabb, Business Manager

Courtesy of green team
(Left to right) Senior Jasmine Xu, junior Verena Wu, English teacher Mr. Erickson and Junior Rita Seidl protest against climate change in downtown Ann Arbor. Wu often organizes and promotes events like this to the green team and encourages them to participate.

You’ve probably seen signs all over school, or gotten emails about joining the club, but what does the Green Team really do? Juniors, Verena Wu, Samantha Chan, Ethel Kim, and Julie Park are running a club that tries to spread awareness about environmental issues that students experience in their everyday lives. They have taken on many different projects to try and help students at Huron become more environmentally conscious, a better “Green School.”
“We have worked on some projects such as the battery drive, trash pickups, and Tech Twilight, a Hands on Museum exhibition where Green Team members taught elementary schools about recycling,” board member, Wu said. “We are also trying to get ‘no idling’ signs installed in the bus lanes at our school.”
This newly revived club has also tried to get students from Huron High School involved in local politics because they believe that the government can always change for the better.
“We also encouraged students to participate in the September Climate Strike,” Wu said. “We created posters and many people spoke about issues in the environment and why everyone, especially our representative should support the Green New Deal.”